Psittacus Pap Neonatal


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Features Psittacus Pap Neonatal

  • Reference8437002885656
  • Weight1 Kg
  • BrandPsittacus
  • Product TypePorridge
  • Bird TypeCockatoos, Lories, Love Birds, Parakeets


  • Ficha Tecnica

Description Psittacus Pap Neonatal

It is an old porridge first designed to raise manually from the first day of life the vast majority of species of parrot (grays, amazons, cockatoos, macaws, eclectus, caiques, pionus ...). Its use is recommended until such time that blunt the guns of the first feathers. At this time it is advisable to use a slurry below. It can also be delivered to chicks that require a supplement to the diet they receive from their parents. It is also suitable for recovering malnourished chicks. Use in the second phase of the neonatal period is recommended, preceded by Psittacine Crop Milk Replacer for the first 5-7 days of life (first phase). It contains a high proportion of egg powder. It also contains papaya, flattering digestive transit. On average parrots eat 7 to 10 ml of slurry per 100 g of weight. It should be ensured that an hour before each meal the baby crop is completely empty. We recommend supplying the slurry with a soft catheter syringe with virgin rubber or silicone. This is the method we use in our breeding center to be the most safe and clean. Recommend stimulate the animal pressing the side corners of the spout to cause swallowing movements, before the introduction of the probe. INDICATIONS: - Stage: From the first day of life up to that blunt feathers. Concentration: Approximately 25% solids in warm water. Guideline: 7 to 10 ml of slurry and takes 100 g of BW. Buche empty or nearly empty before each shot.

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c'est la premiere fois que je commande et je n'ai pas encore donner manger mes oiseaux et c'est pourquoi je donne que 3 toiles


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