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By Oscar V.

Oscar V.

Without grains. We keep emphazising the protein source. This feed from Orijen Adult contain 6 different fish protein sources. We recommend it to dogs with metal intolarence or with sensitive skin. Orijen 6 Fresh Fish also offers natural herbs composed very beneficial to health, such as chamomile, dandelion and raisins. We give you here a formula that is easily digested, high in fatty acids and you will see quick results making the fur shiny and bright!

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Orijen Six Fish



Orijen Six Fish is a dog food made from the protein of six types of fish. In this preparation your pet will consume sardines, mackerel, hake, turbot, rockfish and fresh pacific sole. This complete diet for dogs provides 38% of nutritious proteins, i ...


  • 340 GR 325.75 ₱958.09/KG
  • 2 KG 1,423.89 ₱711.95/KG
  • 6 KG 3,278.09 ₱546.35/KG
  • 11,4 kg 5,265.26 ₱461.86/KG

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  • x1 325.75 ₱325.75/unit
  • x2 -₱6.52 644.98 ₱319.23 last unit
  • x3 -₱9.77 967.48 ₱315.98 last unit
  • x5 -₱16.29 1,612.46 ₱309.46 last unit
  • x1 1,423.89 ₱1,423.89/unit
  • x2 -₱28.48 2,819.30 ₱1,395.41 last unit
  • x3 -₱42.72 4,228.95 ₱1,381.17 last unit
  • x5 -₱71.19 7,048.26 ₱1,352.70 last unit
  • x1 3,278.09 ₱3,278.09/unit
  • x2 -₱65.56 6,490.62 ₱3,212.53 last unit
  • x3 -₱98.34 9,735.93 ₱3,179.75 last unit
  • x5 -₱163.90 16,226.55 ₱3,114.19 last unit
  • x1 5,265.26 ₱5,265.26/unit
  • x2 -₱105.31 10,425.21 ₱5,159.95 last unit
  • x3 -₱157.96 15,637.82 ₱5,107.30 last unit
  • x5 -₱263.26 26,063.04 ₱5,002.00 last unit

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Ingredients Orijen Six Fish

Fresh Fresh Pacific Sardine (18%), entire fresh pacific mackerel (13%), entire fresh pacific hake (12%), full fresh pacific flounder (5%), full fresh rock fish (5%), Fresh full sole (5%), whole mackerel (dehydrated, 5%), whole herring (dehydrated, 5%), Alaska cod (dehydrated, 4.5%), whole sardine (dehydrated, 4.5%), Bacaladilla whole (dehydrated, 4%), herring oil (4%), whole red lentils, whole green lentils, whole green peas, lentil fiber, whole chickpeas, whole yellow peas, sunflower oil (cold pressured), beans pints whole, cod liver (lyophilized), whole fresh pumpkin, whole fresh butternut pumpkin, whole fresh zucchini, fresh and whole pars, fresh carrots, whole fresh delicious apples, fresh bartlett pears, curly spinach, fresh spinach , Fresh Nabes, Brown Algae, Whole Red Cranberries, Blue Cranberries S integers, whole saskatoon berries, chicory root, turmeric root, milky thistle, burdock root, lavender, malvisco root and rose hips. Additives (by KG): Technological additives: extract rich in tocopherol of natural origin. Nutrition additives: Zinc chelate: 100 mg; copper chelate: 11 mg; Zootechnical additives: Enterococcus faecium ncimb10415: 600x10 ^ 6 UFC. Protein 38% Grease content 18% Inorganic matter 8% Brunge fiber 5% Humidity 12% Calcium 1.5% Phosphorus 1.1% Omega-6 2.2 Omega-3 2.2% DHA 0.7% EPA 0.5%. Glucosamine 1250 mg / kg Chondroitin (min.) 1000 mg / kg Metabolizable energy is 3,860 kcal / kg (465 kcal per cup of 250 ml / 120 g), with distributed calories to favor maximum conditioning: 38% protein, 15% vegetables and fruits and 18% fat.

Features Orijen Six Fish

  • Reference064992183127
  • Weight2,5 KG, 2 KG, 6 KG, 7 KG, 13 KG, 13,5 KG, 2,27 KG, 340 GR, 11,4 kg
  • BrandOrijen
  • Units1
  • Physical ActivityAverage
  • Nutritional ConditionsHypoallergenic Products, Without Cereals, Natural
  • AgeAdult
  • FlavorFish, , ,
  • Dog SizeSmall, Medium, Maxi, Giant, Not Specific
  • Quantity2,5 Kg, 13 Kg, 0,340 Kg, 2 Kg, 11,4 Kg, 13,5 Kg, 2,27 Kg, 6 Kg, 6,8 Kg, 7 Kg
  • Made inCanada


Description Orijen Six Fish

Orijen Six Fish is a dog food made from the protein of six types of fish. In this preparation your pet will consume sardines, mackerel, hake, turbot, rockfish and fresh pacific sole.

This complete diet for dogs provides 38% of nutritious proteins, in addition to including limited carbohydrates and low glycemic index, which makes it an ideal food for any breed and of any age.

The preparation also includes freeze-dried cod liver to enhance the flavor naturally, plus it provides enough fatty acids to protect your dog's immune system, care for its skin and care for its coat.


High protein content

Protects the immune system

Cares for skin and coat


Food for dogs of all ages

Includes six types of fish

Contains cod liver

Customer Reviews Orijen Six Fish

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Most positive review

By Sandra P.

Orijen is a good feed for the dog, we have tried adult puppy and now the fish they have a great selection of food only downside to fish is that it smells really bad.

Most critical review

By Beryl Foster F.

I've been using Orijen Fish for a year now together with Orijen Regional Red and a small amount of wet food. Orijen forms the main part of his daily food and so far there's no tint of him getting bored with it. He's bright, healthy with a good clean coat. The food smells good and I think it's the best dog food available. The product seemed costly to start but he eats less so presume it's all high value nourishment instead of low food value bulking agents.


super food! our huskies love it!


Fantastisk produkt. Vores hund elsker det og maven for noget godt at arbejde med


Quality food


Très bon produits , mes chiens les adores. Très digeste.


trs bon produit, convient bien mes 2 chiens croiss


Trs bonne croquettes !! mon chiot adore !! il est en parfait sant et son poil est trs beau grce cette alimentation.ses selles sont bien moules. A recommander sans hsitation !!

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